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Personalized New Baby Candy Bars


Candy Bars are a great addition to any yard sign and a nice way to announce your special occasion! Text can be customized with your own personal information.



new baby girl stork candy bar new baby boy stork candy bar

Girl Stork New
Boy Stork New
Girl Carriage
Boy Carriage
Girl Moon Candy bar Boy Moon Candy bar pea pod candy bar

twins Carriage

Girl Moon
Boy Moon
Pea Pod
Twin Girls Candy Cars Twin boys Candy Cars Twins candy bars Grandparent Girl candy bar
Twin Girls Storks
Twin Boys Storks
Its Twins Storks
Grandparent Girl
Twin Girls Candy Cars Twin boys Candy Cars twins Carriage Grandparent Boy candy bars
Twin Girls Carriages
Twin Boys Carriages
Its Twins Carriages
Grandparent Boy
Twin Girl Moon candy bars Twin Boy moon candy bars Grandparent Boy candy bars  
Twin Girls Moons
Twin Boys Moons
Its Twins Moons
Boy Photo
Girl Photo
Stork Boy
Stork Girl
its a boy candy bar wrapper
its a girl candy bar wrapper
boy sibling candy bar
girl sibling candy bar
Its a Boy
Its a Girl
Boy Sibling/Siblings
Girl Sibling/Siblings

Candy Bars
Includes Hershey® bar and assembly

$1.90 each (20 minimum - 40)
$1.65 each (41 or more)

Add 25 candy bars to any rental
for only $40!

(516) 491-7639

Wrappers Only
$.95 each
Wrap your own candy bars and save!
'How To' wrapping instructions included.



If ordering out of the Nassau County area we recommend ordering the wrappers only due to the possibility of candy bars melting or breaking during delivery. Assembly instructions are included with wrappers.

The HERSHEY'S¨ trademarks indicate products manufactured by Hershey Foods Corporation. There is no affiliation between Hershey Foods Corporation, its divisions or subsidiaries and Signs of Love. Signs of Love wraps our wrappers over the original unwrapped chocolate. Signs of Love is in no way responsible for allergy reactions to any food product. Refer to original wrapper for ingredients information.